RDP Brute (Coded by z668)

RDP Brute (Coded by z668) 

● Uses the bug of RDP, which allows Brutus even if unknown Active Directory domain!
● Works across the lineup, from Windows XP to Windows 8.1/Windows Server 2012 r2.
● Brute force RDP (Dedikov range of IP addresses.
● Brute force RDP (Dedikov) list of IP addresses.
● Brute-force for Logins and Passwords or list of Username, Password.
* Automatically removes duplicate logins\passwords.
● Multi-threading.
● The ability to set the timeout.
● Choice of port.
● The ability to disable Brutus Windows XP-2003. This improves the performance of Brutus and clean hoods (many XP-2003 killed shkolotoy and dobruca).
● High-speed operation. The RDP Protocol is implemented from scratch, without the use of ActiveX controls, third-party libraries, etc.
● Support for the following tags: %username%, %Username%, %USERNAME%, %EMANRESU%, %Emanresu%, %emanresu% and their variations, for example: %username%123
● All implemented in a few clicks are automated.


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    Rdp Brute (Coded By Z668) ~ Hacking Tools >>>>> Download LINK

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    Rdp Brute (Coded By Z668) ~ Hacking Tools >>>>> Download Full

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